Allure Skin Studio is a Face Reality™ Certified Acne treatment provider. Face Reality™ is the leading, prescription free, acne clearance program that rescues and restores acne ravaged skin when all other efforts have failed. Before you exhaust your time and money on acne programs that never quite finish the job, we encourage you to schedule a consultation with an acne expert here at Allure Skin Studio.

 Your first step to acne free skin is scheduling your consultation appointment.  We will determine your skin type, skin condition, conduct a sensitivity test, trouble shoot issues that contribute to your individual acne condition and discuss how to move forward.

Acne Detox Treatment         90.     initial treatment | 80. 
Acne clearance is a gradual process that requires regular professional strength treatments and monitored progress. In each of your Acne Detox treatments, your certified acne professional will assess your skin and make important changes as needed. Each acne appointment is an intensive session of gentle deep cleansing, detailed extractions, blue LED light therapy for bacteria control, acne safe exfoliation and soothing of skin inflammation, as needed. Initial acne treatment consultations are 90 minutes long, all treatments thereafter will be 60 minutes. 

Allure Skin Studio recommends: The Dermaverse™ Acne Collection or Face Reality

Acne Detox & Peel Treatment           120.    
Acne condition and progress permitting, a mild mandelic acid resurfacing treatment will be added to your treatment. 75 minutes

Allure Skin Studio recommends: The Dermaverse™ Acne Collection or Face Reality

Acne Detox Treatment Series Package         450. (save $30)
Thorough acne clearance normally requires a series of treatments, followed by strict home care and occasional maintenance treatments. 

During your initial acne consult and treatment, your clinical Aesthetician will create a home regimen to complement your professional treatment. To see healthier, acne free skin, it is critical to utilize the Dermaverse™ Acne Collection, adhere to Allure Skin Studio acne protocols and omit all other products, including the avoidance of inflammatory foods and supplements as recommended.

Please be prepared to schedule a series of treatments (a minimum of 3) and budget $150 for the purchase of required Dermaverse™ or Face Reality™ home care.