Bikini Waxing 101

Your first time receiving a bikini wax of any kind can be extremely nerve racking, we get it. To ease your anxiety we've put together all the important information you'll need to feel prepared, relaxed and ready. Here's what to expect:

Are you eligible?
Upon completing a consultation form (if you didn't please read our post 5 Signs Your Favorite Wax Spot Might Be Dangerous) you might discover that you are not eligible to be safely waxed at this time. Some factors such as your period, medication, or allergies play a huge role in this. 

Getting Started
You will be lead to a private room where your Licensed Aesthetician will ask you to get undressed. Usually for a basic Bikini Line wax you will not have to remove your underwear (however, don't wear boy short undies to your Bikini Line waxing appointment. This makes it difficult to move around!) . If you are receiving a Brazilian or a French be prepared to take it all off from the waist down. 

Your Consultation
Your Aesthetician will ask you how much hair you want removed. Remember that you should always do what you feel comfortable with. After all it is your body! They also may ask you what type of bikini wax you would like when you make your appointment, so they know can book enough time for you. Not sure what the difference is? Here's a helpful guide:

Be Prepared
Your hair down there needs to be at least ¼” long for the wax to properly grab onto. If the hair is really long then the tech will have to trim it down a bit with scissors or clippers. Its courteous (but also helpful to the wax's efficiency) to bathe before your appointment. Not only will you be clean, but the natural oils from your skin will interfere less with the wax's ability to remove hair.  

The Process (Here We Go!)
While wearing gloves, your Aesthetician will apply the warm wax on the hair with an applicator. Hard wax doesn’t require a strip, so it will dry a bit and harden before it’s removed. Your Aesthetician will hold your skin slightly stretched firm before removing the wax in a quick pull so it’s less painful. They will continue to work in small sections until all the hair (that you've indicated) is removed. It's possible you will be asked to help hold the skin, get on your knees or put your knees to your chest when receiving more than a basic wax, like a Brazilian. This helps the tech more easily reach all your nooks and crannies. 

Remember not to feel TOO uncomfortable. While this may be your first bikini wax, it definitely is not your Aesthetician's. Happy waxing!

-Allure Skin Studio Blogger