Featuring Gentle Purple wax!

Eyebrows                                            $18

Eyebrows                                            $20 after 30 days

Eyebrow or Lash Tint                        $25

Lash Lift                                             $75
What's a lash lift? The easiest, fastest way to give your eyes a youthful boost. Set your curler aside and schedule a long lasting, eye opening semi permanent lifting treatment. Paired with flawlessly shaped, tinted brows and a lash tint, you'll wonder what to do with all the time you'll save in the morning. 

Lip                                                       $14

Chin                                                     $16

Side Burns                                           $18

Cheeks                                                 $18

Full Face                                             $49

Neck (front and back)                       $15

Shoulders                                            $15

Chest                                                   starts at $45

Back                                                    starts at $45

Underarms                                          $25

Full Arms                                            $40

Forearms                                            $30

Stomach                                              $10

Basic Bikini Line*                             starts at $55

French Bikini*                                   starts at $65

Brazilian Bikini*                               starts at $85

Buttocks                                              $15

Half Upper Leg                                    starts at $50

Half Lower Leg                                   starts at $50

Full Leg                                               starts at $80


*Bikini waxes are preformed on females only. Thank you in advance for your understanding.

**Prices are subject to change without notice