Every Allure Skin Studio Advanced Skin Therapy is expertly designed to prevent and treat early signs of aging and preserve the youthful qualities of healthy skin. With the use of carefully chosen techniques, nearly 20 years of experience and advanced clinical ingredients, we can help you turn back skins clock. All Allure Skin Studio services include treatment of the décolletage, a natural extension of your face and neck.





REFRESH FACIAL               
The Refresh Facial is where everything begins. If you’ve never experienced professional skincare before, prepare for your skin to look and feel completely different. If you’re a facial connoisseur, we’ve got 20 years worth of technique and advanced training to help you continue to improve the skin you’re in. 50 minutes. No facial massage.

TEEN FACIAL              
The teen facial is an educational service as much as therapeutic care. Adolescent skin changes rapidly, making each session the perfect opportunity to learn how to care for skin on a day to day basis and keep it looking its best regardless of hormonal shifts. Deep cleanse, exfoliate, extractions as needed, mask and hydrate. 45 minutes. No facial massage.



At Allure Skin Studio  healthy skin is the basis of all beauty treatments and procedures. We offer a wide variety of customized facials and treatments to help your skin look and feel healthy, smooth, renewed and radiant. Your skin is your body’s largest organ and it takes an awful lot of stress from everyday elements, clothes, makeup, pollution and environmental damage. All our facial treatments are customized with advanced  double cleansing, clinical enzymes, extractions (if needed), relaxing massage and a high end CASMARA Alge peel mask customized with hyaluronic Serums, Vitamin C Serum, Peptide Serum or Antioxidants serum  for your skin type! 60 mins. 

GOLD DUST LUMINOUS.   Revitalizing & Remineralizing. Ideal for skin locking vitality and tone.

COLLAGEN C.    This saturation of strengthening, brightening vitamin C is sealed with an anti-aging collagen mask. Its results are restorative, and cumulative. Ideal for wrinkles and fine Lines.

VITAMIN C.    Soothing & Vita C. Ideal for sensitive skin and those with couperose.

RE6TENSE.   Firming & Stimulating. Ideal for skins with signs of flaccidity and lack of firmness.

HYDRA NOVANEW.   Moisturizing & Hydrating. Ideal for dehydrated dry skin.

GOJI ANTIOXIDANT.   Antioxidant & Stimulant. Ideal to treat the first signs of aging.

HYALURONIC.   For Superior Retention. Ideal for dehydrated skin from the sun.



Nanoinfusion facial treatments use a automated handheld device with nano silicone disposable tips that exfoliates the skin surface, while infusing anti-aging Grow Factors  into the skin surface. 

The nano tips infuse ingredients into the epidermis, the skin receives nutrients that help to lighten, tighten, and brighten. Skin will also be plumped due to the hydration infusion filling out lines, wrinkles, and scarring. This treatment is pain free, you will feel light pressure and a vibrating sensation. Most find this is a very relaxing treatment to receive.

NANODERM INFUSION- Nano with Hyaluronic Acid , advanced Enzyme and  mask . 1 hrs.

NANODERM INFUSION -Nano with Anti-aging Grow Factors and FDA Light Therapy  1 hr. 30 mins.  



Clinical grade chemical exfoliation is a highly effective, classic restoration treatment that gradually reveals smoother, more luminous skin. We highly recommend a series of treatments, scheduled monthly, to gradually unlock deeper layers of fresh, untouched skin. A house favorite, clinical grade skin resurfacing drastically even skin tone, brighten years of sun damage, help clear acne and acne scars and erase years from aging skin. Every treatment we offer is customized to meet individual skin type and skin condition.

Allure Skin Studio understands the intricacies of skin physiology and how to choose the perfect professional strength exfoliation option. We take professional strength exfoliation and your skin health very seriously at Allure Skin Studio, hence our graduated scale of intensities. Every new client will begin with a level I Mandelic acid treatment in order to best gauge skin reaction and resilience. Moving forward, we'll advance to level II, featuring graduated layers of Sensi and Ultra peels, followed by stronger options with or without hydroquinone at levels III and VI.




Initial treatments include one time only a post peel care kit for use throughout a series of corrective treatments.

A Micro resurfacing marries classic microdermabrasion with a gentle resurfacing medium – either an alpha hydroxy acid smoothing gel or a concentrated enzyme and finishing with a gentle mandelic nutrient chosen by your expert based on skin suitability. 45 minutes

Allure Skin Studio recommends Dermaverse™ Enzyme Peel

MICRODERMABRASION          $40. (add on only)      
Microdermabrasion may be added to any Allure skin treatment as long as skin health permits physical exfoliation. Classic diamond tip microdermabrasion gently buffs the epidermis

Allure Skin Studio recommends: Dermaverse™ Enzyme Peel

CELLUMA LED LIGHT THERAPY          $100.  45 minute sessions
Finally, a way to actually look ‘light years younger’. Medical grade light therapy is a brilliant addition to every therapy offered by Allure Skin Studio. By utilizing varying wavelengths of light scientifically proven to stimulate collagen and elastin, Celluma LED therapy is transformative. Optimal light therapy results are achieved most quickly in a treatment series of 4-6. Consider it the most productive nap time you’ve ever spent.


Microdermabrasion              $ 40.

Celluma LED Therapy           $ 40.

Décolletage treatment mask  $25.

 *Allure Skin Studio reserves the right to change treatment prices without notice*