FDA cleared to treat acne.
Safe. Proven. Effective.

Based on scientific research pioneered by NASA, Celluma is a photography device that utilizes specific wavelengths of light produced by light emitting diodes (LED) to treat multiple skin conditions. Celluma's deeply penetrating wavelengths kill the bacteria that causes breakouts while reducing the inflammation, pimples, and redness associated with acne. Celluma smooths wrinkles, improves cellular turnover and growth, and improves stimulation of collagen and elastin. A reduction in lesions and overall improvement in skin appearance is often seen in only a matter of weeks. This service is a great addition to any acne treatment, anti-aging facial, skin peel, or just by itself!

Featuring the ONLY non-needle, non-invasive skin conditioning system developed with nanotechnology. Many of the invasive treatments found on the market today risk damage to the dermal layer with potential exposure to pain, infection, and toxic side effects. Revitapen creates a unique solution to skin repair and rejuvenation by delivering nutrients efficiently into the stratum corneum without any pain or discomfort, and certainly no risk of infection. Improves skin texture, hydration and firmness, reduces fine lines,wrinkles,age spots, hyper pigmentation, pores and mild blemishes.

The experts at PCA Skin have devoted 25 years to the development of highly effective skin peels that safely treat all skin types- even the most sensitive. PCA Skin peels are essential to overall skin health and provide added nutrients for faster, more dramatic results. PCA Skin peels typically cause little to no discomfort, minimal visible exfoliation, and the skin will be glowing and healthy following treatment. While PCA Skin peels do effectively treat all skin concerns, they are also a great option for manipulating skin health and to help prevent visible damage.

Gentle Purple Waxing

Gentle purple has soothing properties of Lavender and Chamomile. Excellent for all waxing and fabulous for Brazilians! One fmost favourite hot wax can remove hair as short as 1mm. Perfect for those sensitive areas or as a “touch up” wax. No tweezing needed with this wax!